Intercultural Negotiations

Train your negotiation skills in English


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Due to the increasing internationalisation of business relations, international cooperations,  projects and virtual negotiations, good intercultural negation skills in English have become more important. This seminar is designed to train the participants' negotiation skills in the English language. It is not a pure language course, therefore participants should have a solid knowledge of English in order to benefit most from the training.

Ihr Programm im Überblick

  • Negotiation strategies and when to use which one | The extra value of principled and integrative negotiations
  • Strategic and detailed preparation as success factor | Analyse your partner(s) carefully
  • Dealing with emotions in negotiations and making use of them
  • Mental management for challenging settings and situations
  • Dealing with ¨difficult partners¨ and  emotions employed as “tactics”
  • Your negotiation ¨tool-kit"
  • Negotiation tactics – how to use the integrative ones and deal with ¨hard¨ ones
  • Intercultural negotiation setting
  • Reflection of and feed-back on your personal strengths and potentials in negotiation
  • Active practicing in small groups and comprehensive role plays

Interessant für

  • Management & Experts
  • Relationship managers, sales persons & purchasing managers
  • Legal experts and experts from the planning and controlling department, the HR department etc.
  • Members of international project teams
  • Employees in public administration, being involved in international co-operations or projects
  • Lawyers, certified public accountants and auditors
  • People who are or will be involved in international negotiations, who want to train their skills in negotiating in the English language 


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  • 27.06.-28.06.2022 27.06.2022 2 Tage 2T Wien Präsenz
    09:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
    • Präsenz  1.080,-

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